Options VBA

The Options.

There are many options that can be used to alter game play including changes to the Graphics, Sound, or a number of other features. Here are what each option does:

  • Frame Skip - Configures the Frames that the game skips, set to 0 looks the nicest, setting it higher can improve performance.
  • Video - Configures the way the video of the game is reproduced. 
  • Emulator - Configure various attributes of the emulator, such as save type.
  • Sound - Configures sound, Changes from On, Mute or Off (Off accelerates the game)
  • Gameboy - Configure color and border settings.
  • Priority - Change the system priority of the emulator. May improve performance.
  • Filter - Alters the image of the game. (See the article for more information)
  • Joypad - Configures control setup.
  • Language - Configures Emulator's Language. (not game's Language)